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MN ELECTRIC is the authorize dealer of Lega products in Pakistan. The latest range of UPS from 0.63KVA to 800KVA in single phase and three phase options with additional functions ensures continuity of electrical power to all type of installations. The offered range of UPS is suitable for all sort of critical load applications with solution providing the best performance in terms of power and back up time.

Voltage Regulator & Stabilizer

MN ELECTRIC supply a range of voltage stabilizers. High performance voltage regulator we supply protect the electrical devices against voltage fluctuations, improve the efficiency and lengthen their life. Our regulators range covers, digital relay type regulators up to 20KVA, microprocessor-controlled servo regulators up to 500KVA and fully automatic microprocessor controlled static regulators / stabilizers up to 2000KVA. For more detail, please refer the manufacturer’s website: www.legaups.com Mfr: LEGA – Turkey



MN ELECTRIC supply maintenance free batteries, from established manufacturers. In the maintenance free batteries product range we offer VRLA and GEL type batteries, which are suitable for Solar, Telecom, E-vehicle, UPS, Inverter, Forklift & deep cycle applications. All the batteries are produced as per IEC60896, ISO9001:2000 & comply CE & UL std. We are working with reputed industrial and commercial customers to fulfill their battery requirements

Battery bank (lead acid):
In the wet type we offer lead acid batteries from a European origin manufacturer. These stationary batteries are manufactured according to the DIN 40736, EN 60896 and IEC 896-1 regulations. These batteries are distinguished for high capacity, long life time, reduced maintenance and low self-discharging.

Battery Charger


MN ELECTRC is the sole distributor of DC System / battery chargers manufactured; EFORE–Finland Website: www.efore.com The DC system / battery charger we supply is a perfect solution for variety of application. Due to its modular design it ensures high reliability, easy handling and maintenance.

EFORE DC power systems can be supplied in small wall mount, medium rack mount and in large cabinets up to 100KW for Telecom, Industrial and Utility power requirement.

These DC power systems consist of rectifiers up to 1600W, VIDI+ controllers, Connections for mains and wide variety of load distribution.

These systems can be combined with batteries to provide uninterrupted DC Power for critical loads.
Features / Specs:
• Input voltage: 230V / 400Vac
• Power range per module: up to 1600W
• Suitable for common voltages: 24V, 48V, 108V, 110V, 125V to 220Vdc
• 19” rack modular design, digital controller, internal & external battery.
• High performance despite low volume and weight.
• Suitable for lead acid and NiCad batteries inside or outside the cabinet.
• N + redundancy, Hot swap conception.
• Sophisticated user interface. User friendly local and remote operation.
• Battery test during operation / Local and remote control.
• Over voltage protection for system and modules.

Industrial hazardous area products

In the industrial hazardous area products, we can supply lighting fixtures, Electrical Distribution Boxes, enclosures, motor starters, plug, receptacles, control stations, UPS, fitting and glands etc. The offered product range are built and configured to meet the most demanding hazardous area requirements complying NEC and IEC specs. To guide our customer, we have in our company a Crouse Hinds mini master club trained engineer


MN ELECTRIC supply composite insulators for transmission and distribution systems and overhead power lines. The offered composite Insulators are made of fiberglass rod and silicone rubber housing. Due to its advantages, these insulators are a preferred alternative to traditional glass or porcelain insulators. These insulators are designed, produced and tested in accordance with IEC 61109 and IEC 61952. The can offer composite insulators for overhead lines, conductor rail accessories and components used in railways and light train/metro lines. Main features and advantages of composite insulators are as follows:

• Lightness (up to 80% compared to glass and porcelain insulators)
• Ease of transportation and installation and reduction of plant costs
• High mechanical power
• Long life / Low cost
• Safe against vandalism
• Reduces leakage currents with water retention (hydrophobic) feature
• Self-renewing hydrophobic surface
• Outstanding electrical performance in dirty environments (no cleaning required)
• Resistant to ozone, UV radiation, acid and air pollution effects
• High resistance to arc and trace formation
• Self-extinguishing, low smoke emission and toxicity
• Service in different weather conditions
Insulator made in Italy & China are available.